Newsday's opinion roll from March 11, 2010:

EDITORIAL: Deliver the Postal Service from government interference

The world is morphing at cyberspeed, and the U.S. Postal Service has to adapt, fast, to avoid becoming a ward of the state. E-mail, online bill paying, social networking and the recession have dramatically cut mail volume. But the post office is too bound up in government-imposed restrictions to change with the times, and is looking at $7 billion in red ink. ...

State should cut budget before taking on debt

Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch's much-anticipated plan to bring fiscal sanity to New York is dramatic. In plain language, Ravitch lays out a five-year blueprint, including overdue accounting reforms and the removal of some budgeting authority from state lawmakers. ...

OPINION: Don't drop Regents exams, improve them. Starting with math

By Alfred S. Posamentier, a professor of mathematics education at the City College of the City University of New York. ...

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OPINION: Drivers are more dangerous than defects

By Michael Fumento, the director of the nonprofit Independent Journalism Project where he specializes in health and safety issues ...

LETTERS: Cairo at OTB, health care and more

Newsday's readers chime in on a variety of subjects.

WALT: Rearmarks

Walt Handelsman's latest cartoon deals with Democrats and earmarks.

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