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Oyster Bay discusses Checkers proposal

The Town of Oyster Bay began discussions Tuesday morning on a proposed Checkers at 5075 Sunrise Hwy. in Massapequa, and Newsday's Paul LaRocco was there to report and Tweet the proceedings.

The attorney for Checkers said the company has taken steps to lessen residential disruption, including eliminating neon lights and using low-volume speaker boxes.

When the public comment session began there was opposition, including one resident who said traffic will increase markedly, odors will be untenable and more teens will party loudly.

Five residents spoke against the proposal. The talk of odor prompted Town Supervisor John Venditto to mention a "Honeymooners" episode in which Ed Norton talks about a smell coming from a Chinese restaurant.

The Checkers attorney and representatives promised to work with residents, but ultimately the town will decide. 

Follow Paul LaRocco on Twitter @paullarocco.


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