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Oyster Bay quarantine for Asian beetle still in effect

A quarantine area created after an Asian longhorned beetle infestation 15 years ago is still in effect, the Town of Oyster Bay is reminding residents.

The quarantine zone covers portions of Massapequa and North Massapequa, several blocks north of the Southern State Parkway, several blocks west of Broadway / North Broadway, east to the town line and south to the Great South Bay.

The quarantine regulates the movement of wood from the area to stem the spread of the beetle as part of a plan developed between the town and the New York State Agriculture and Markets Departments.

Residents who live in these areas are asked not to do anything that might take the wood out of the quarantine area, such as selling wood or taking it to another home to use in a fireplace. Sanitation crews collect wood placed at the curb in a separate collection and grind it into wood chips at the Town Highway Yard to prevent passing along potential infestation.

Residents with questions are asked to call the U.S.  Agriculture Department’s Cooperative Asian Longhorned Beetle Project at 866-265-0301.

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