About $100,000 worth of palm trees and tropical shrubbery will be planted this week at the Malibu Beach Club and Resort, a private-public partnership with the Town of Hempstead at Lido Beach.

"We've been partners since 2009 and have $8 million invested here so far," said Butch Yamali, who heads the Dover Group, which manages the resort and paid for the plantings.

The food service, catering, vending and ice cream product company also manages the town's cabanas at the club and has contracts with government agencies around Long Island.

"Butch is a good guy . . . and he is always helping out people," said town Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, a Democrat, who was at the official project ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday with Republican Councilman Ed Ambrosino.

Thousands of plants, which arrived Thursday on a tractor trailer from Florida, will join the vegetation on the site that survived October 2012's superstorm Sandy destruction and a mostly failed replanting last year.

Yamali, of Merrick, said the same vegetation -- but not as much -- was planted in 2013.

"But the soil was bad," he said, adding that he hopes it will be better this year.

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The palm trees that arrived Thursday were laid out between rows of potted plants, wrapped in brown paper with flowers or leaves sprouting from the top.

Yamali said the palms and shrubs, except some that would remain in pots, would be planted in about two days, "with the help of Murphy Landscaping from Freeport."

The club, which dates to 1948, pays rent to the town of about $480,000 annually and a payment in lieu of taxes of almost $80,000 to the local school district.

It pays all utilities, maintenance and improvements, officials said.

Nassau County Legis. Denise Ford (D-Long Beach) said she understood the challenges of the project.

"I know about the damage that Sandy did to the soil," she said. "I still can't get my roses to grow."