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Poll: When did you move out of your parents' home?

From left: Samantha Mochamer, 20, Shaun, 18, Dan,

From left: Samantha Mochamer, 20, Shaun, 18, Dan, 23, Timothy, Pam, and Carrie Gillen, 22, all live in the Gillen's Bohemia home. (Dec. 2, 2011) Credit: Chris Ware

The Census Bureau's "America's Families and Living Arrangements: 2011" report, issued earlier this month, found that 19 percent of men ages 25 to 34 were living with parents in 2011, up from 14 percent in 2005. Ten percent of women in that age group live at home now, up from 8 percent in 2005.

Among those 18 to 24, 59 percent of men and 50 percent of women remain at home, up from 53 and 46 percent respectively in 2005.

How old were you when you moved out of your parents' house?

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