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Remembrance Walk honors slain mailman Noel Mohammed

Hundreds walk along Elm Street in Huntington to

Hundreds walk along Elm Street in Huntington to remember Noel Mohammed. (July 22, 2012) Credit: Ursula Moore

Huntington postal carrier Noel Mohammed was the kind of man who would stop and ask Ellen Colon, 66, of Huntington who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2005, how she was doing on a regular basis.

“He would always pray for me. Noel had a heart of gold,” Colon said.

Mohammed was also the type of man who remembered names and noticed things about a person.

“Noel always had something nice to say, he even noticed when I got my hair cut. He was so wonderful,” said Biddy Bishop of Huntington.

Noel’s neighbor Kathleen Goode, of Huntington, said there was no better postal carrier than Noel Mohammed.

Hundreds of Noel’s family, neighbors, friends, customers and co-workers agreed as they walked on Sunday for Noel’s Remembrance Walk, which stretched along Mohammed’s postal mail delivery route starting on Elm Street and ending on Gibson Street.

Mohammed, 44, was stabbed to death last month. His stepson, Matthew Hubrins, 28, was later arraigned on a charge of second-degree murder.

Noel was a postal carrier for 18 years for the Huntington Post Office. Noel’s Remembrance Walk co-organizers and Mohammed’s neighbors, Martha Grill and Manny Spagnoletti, decided it would be best to remember and honor his memory through the walk.

“We wanted to honor our mailman, friend and neighbor. Noel had such a happy and outgoing personality. He always said hello. He made everyone feel special,” Grill said.

Spagnoletti added, “He affected so many lives in a positive way. We wanted the remembrance walk to honor what Noel did every day. Most people don’t even know their mailman’s name, but everyone knew Noel.”

Noel’s widow, Doris Mohammed, of Huntington, was in awe of the hundreds of individuals expressing their love for Noel at the memorial walk.

In addition to being a mail carrier, Noel was a minister at Vision Torches of Life Ministries Inc. in Lindenhurst, and Doris admitted that having a strong faith in God has helped her through this challenging and difficult time.

“I am getting stronger every day through the amazing faith I have and the neighbors, family and friends being there,” Doris Mohammed said.

Noel’s mother Anita Mohammed, of Wyandanch, was touched by the outpouring of love for her son.

“I am speechless,” she said. “My son left such a legacy. I have only heard wonderful things about him at this walk,” she said.

Noel’s brother, Ishmoile Mohammed, 46, a master sergeant in the U.S. Army stationed in West Point, wore his military uniform in remembrance of his brother’s postal uniform.

“I truly wanted to honor my brother by wearing my uniform. He was a great man. He was such a prankster growing up,” Ishmoile Mohammed said.

Noel’s younger brother Chad, 34, of Wyandanch, admitted that he was moved by the tremendous support from the community.

“This is incredible to see all these people here,” he said. “Standing here makes me think about when we had our brothers’ night out. We had our last brothers’ night out right at Honu Restaurant a few years ago.”

Noel’s sister Nedra Thomas, of Wyandanch, recalled the humorous side of Noel.

“He was a clown,” she said. “I was the only girl and he always looked out for me. He got me my first job at Wendy’s at 16 years old. He was a lot of fun. He was a great guy.”

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