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Reminder to pet owners: Get tags for your pets

Oreo, a Schnauzer-type dog who ran away from

Oreo, a Schnauzer-type dog who ran away from his Ronkonkoma home Sunday, was returned to his owner by a intern. Fortunately for Oreo, he was wearing a tag with name, phone number and address. Credit: Kaitlynn Mannino

A reminder to every pet owner: Make sure your dog or cat has a tag!

On my drive to work at Newsday this morning, I saw a small figure dart across the westbound Service Road in Ronkonkoma. I pulled over and watched a Schnauzer-type dog trot along the shoulder. His eyes looked fearful as cars sped by.

"Come here boy," I cooed over the din. He seemed doubtful, but he eventually let me pick him up and put him in the passenger seat.

His dog-bone shaped tag read "OREO." Fortunately, there was also a phone number and address listed.

Oreo's owner Ilena Chong, of Ronkonkoma, said her dog is prone to slipping out the side door when it is left open. She sent her brother to meet me at a nearby shopping plaza to retrieve Oreo.

“Thank you!” said Jeffrie Chong who appeared happy to hold a squirming Oreo again.

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