Good news for Long Island's "Twi-hards": A member of the "Twilight: Eclipse" cast may cozy up next to you at a local screening of the movie.

In a show of "appreciation" for fans of the series, stars from the movie will deploy across numerous locations to surprise onlookers. Long Island was chosen as one of the hot spots.

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Before the excitement hits a boil, though, there is a catch. The surprise guest could be Pattinson. It could also be Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner. The news release was pretty vague, however: You could end up getting a production assistant. (All right, maybe not a PA, but 20 different stars will be on the move, not just the headliners.)

If you're willing to brave the crowds and see the surprise guest, according to the website, the "stars" will be at AMC Roosevelt Field, National Amusements Hicksville and Regal Westbury.

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