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Skateboarding banned on three Manhasset streets with steep hills

The Town of North Hempstead has banned skateboarding

The Town of North Hempstead has banned skateboarding on three steep streets in Manhasset, including Deepdale Drive, after residents complained about dangerous conditions. Credit: Google Maps

The Town of North Hempstead has banned skateboarding for three steep streets in Manhasset after residents complained of dangerous conditions there.

Councilwoman Anna Kaplan said at last Tuesday's town board meeting, "We have received numerous calls about people coming in and skateboarding" on Manhasset streets containing "very steep hills."

A law passed unanimously by the town board prohibits skateboarding and calls for signs announcing the ban for the streets: Deepdale Drive, Great Oak Road and Quaker Ridge Road.

Scooters, in-line skates, and "similar devices," also fall under the ban.

"Apparently they are a mecca for skateboarders coming from out of town," Kaplan said of those streets. Area roads have been recently repaved, Kaplan said, which may have attracted more skateboarders.

Marge Guddat, of Manhasset, said she has encountered the skateboarders while driving in the area. "It's a very dangerous situation," she said at the board meeting. "You have skateboarders coming down while you're going out."

Other municipalities have cited a recent increase in skateboarders bombing down residential roads, including Plandome and Farmingdale villages. The Plandome board in June enacted a law banning roller-skating and skateboarding for one of its steep streets.

The Village of Farmingdale in December 2012 banned skateboarding on two steep streets. Two months later, 12 "boarding or skating prohibited" signs were reported stolen.

Gregg Chapman, founder and president of Chapman Skateboards, a skateboard manufacturing company with a warehouse outlet in Deer Park, said longboarders headed down steep roads are especially drawn to them if they are smooth or repaved.

The Town of North Hempstead maintains a skateboarding park in Manorhaven. Chapman, who said that while he's a fan of such parks, many longboarders prefer the open road.

"They're not going to find the same kind of rolling terrain; these long rolling hills in a skate park, that's a confined space."

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