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Town Focus: Day 1 in Riverhead

The Peconic River runs parallel to Main Street

The Peconic River runs parallel to Main Street in Riverhead. (March 22, 2011) Credit: Erin Geismar

This week I’m spending five days exploring Riverhead as part of Newsday’s monthly Town Focus series.

Though I will spend most my time in the downtown business district, I’ll also venture out to other hamlets in the town along the way.

Today, I’m getting a tour of downtown Riverhead by councilman James Wooten, a fifth generation Riverhead resident who even graduated from Riverhead High School.

And I’ll stop by The Suffolk Theater to catch one of its many attractions. The theater first opened in 1933 but was closed for 18 years before reopening in March.

Did you miss last Friday’s all-new episode of Animal Planet’s “Tanked”? Well, I plan to find out a little more about what happened when “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan paid a visit to Riverhead’s Long Island Aquarium to look for inspiration in building his pet octopus Bwyadette’s new abode.

Later in the week, I’ll be meeting with the Riverhead Chamber of Commerce to discuss the commercial side of the community, while stopping in at family-owned Star Confectionery, an old-fashioned eatery which opened in Riverhead in the early 1920s.

I’ll also be meeting with historian Georgette Case to get a brief snapshot of Riverhead’s rich history, and I couldn’t miss a chance to dig even deeper by stopping in at the Suffolk County Historical Society. Look for a historic photo gallery posted later this week.

And how could I not get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center while I’m in the area? I’ll be sharing the tour with you via Instagram.

Along the way, I’ll need your help finding places to eat and local hot spots and uncovering interesting stories. Don’t be shy, I’m counting on your curiosities to guide me this week.

Stay in the loop by following me throughout my week in Riverhead via Twitter, Instagram or the live feed on this post. Feel free to also send an email or leave a comment.

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