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Updates from Brookhaven's board meeting

The Brookhaven Town council at a board meeting.

The Brookhaven Town council at a board meeting. (Dec. 6, 2010) Credit: Patrick Whittle

Newsday's Brookhaven Town reporter Patrick Whittle is at the scene of the town board meeting tonight -- always lively events -- and this one is no exception. Here are updates from Pat's Twitter feed.

Interesting stuff.

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More Brookhaven Town news

*Mazzei, Bonner and Panico voted against tabling Medford item. That's the minority voting bloc in #Brookhaven of late.

*#Brookhaven tables Medford decision 4-3. Mazzei: "Thanks a lot guys, I can't wait till you ask me for support in your district."

*This #Brookhaven meeting is like #TheWire S3 meets #FlyingCircus played through #Motorhead's amplifiers.

*Lesko says he lacks answers to "fundamental questions." #Brookhaven

*The take from @BrookhavenGOP "Lesko & Democrats ... cheating (Medford) out of agreed to community dollars from Caithness."

*@Bill_Faulk By "our meetings" you mean Suffolk Leg.? Because @reidepstein usually Tweets the hell out of them.

*Lesko suggests Smith Point Bridge. Panico says please don't jump off bridges "in my district." #Brookhaven

*Mazzei says Medford civics would jump off "highest bridge around" to get Caithness money. #Brookhaven

*Cl. Panico attempts to ask a question and Lesko launches into vote to table, which gets upended by need for public comment. #Brookhaven

*I saw #Discharge at CBGB once. There was no Caithness money involved.

*D-Beat bands everywhere now scurrying to put Mazzei on their next LP cover after his "the system" comment. #Brookhaven #Discharge

*"When I say I secure funding, I secure it," Eddington snaps at Mazzei. "It's the system, maybe, I'm blaming," Mazzei says. #Brookhaven

*Lesko says he needs two weeks to get "personally involved" in Medford project. #Brookhaven

*... and now it's a Pier 6 brawl as Pat Eddington, town clerk and former state assemb., and Mezzei are jawing. #Brookhaven

*Lesko wants to table the dispersion of said dollars. #Brookhaven

*Mazzei says Medford Community House project won't happen without dispersing Caithness money. #Brookhaven

*Mazzei amends "stolen" to "taken." #Brookhaven

*Mazzei says Caithness $ "stolen" and inappropriately shipped to Gordon Heights for different project. Lesko objects to "stolen." #Brookhaven

*Mazzei also says it's time to disburse funding from Caithness fund to Medford Hamlet Foundation. #Brookhaven

*Mazzei reminds #Brookhaven board that it's time to restore the old town hall. #LongIsland

*#Brookhaven again tabled a decision related to Manorville compost facility. Star Wars Ep. 11 will likely come out sooner.

*Mazzei found something about the doggy beef exchange to be hilarious because he laughed into the mic in mid-beef. #Brookhaven

*Bonner and Cl. Mazzei voted against dog license rule changes. Cl. Panico, who often votes with them, voted pro. Passed 5-2.

*Bonner says it's OK to disagree on policy. Walsh says it's better to do so without "snide remarks." F-R calls it all silly.

*#Brookhaven doggy beef centered on Cl. Walsh accusing Bonner of unfairly calling rules changes an "unfunded mandate."

*#Brookhaven board scraps, approves changes to dog licensing rules. Cl. Bonner says there's "no drama." Cl. Fiore-Rosenfeld says there "is."

*#Brookhaven board also holds hearing on plan to ban smoking from town parks. No vote. #LongIsland

*#Brookhaven town board accepts Gordon Heights Land Use plan for one of #LongIsland's most distressed areas.

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