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Updates from Times Square

Jim Mady, 64, and Barbara Mady, 60, of

Jim Mady, 64, and Barbara Mady, 60, of South Carolina came to New York for the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 and decided to sit in Times Square to watch the Ground Zero ceremonies. Photo Credit: Randi Marshall

12:55 p.m.: From Michigan, with love

Sisters Chris Tabaczka, of Michigan, and Victoria Hover, of Louisiana, met in New York this weekend not for a family getaway, or a chance to be tourists -- but to commemorate and remember.

"I wanted to be with New Yorkers," said Tabaczka. "I really saw the best of what American spirit is that day. I'm here to celebrate all the miracles from that day."

The sisters sat together in Times Square watching the news coverage on a jumbotron, sporting matching ribbons commemorating the attacks.

They planned to try to go to Ground Zero later in the day, and also to stop by a firehouse or two. And they already had tickets for a Monday visit to the newly opened memorial.

As they sat, watching children read the names of loved ones who died on the jumbotron, others posed nearby for Times Square tourist photos, running and dancing past.

The women shook their heads and smiled.

"That's what New York is all about," Tabaczka said.

Hover, who had lived in New Jersey 10 years ago, moved to Louisiana three weeks before Hurricane Katrina, which, she said, had become a "forgotten moment."

In New York, she said, she was better able to commemorate and "celebrate the best of people."

11:54 a.m. – In Times Square, taking in a matinee

Nathan Kendrick, 22, wasn't watching the Ground Zero ceremonies -- or participating in any one of the numerous commemorations around the city.

Just before 10 a.m., he was first on line for student rush tickets to see the matinee of “Mary Poppins.”

"I can't wait," said the newly minted New Yorker. He just started graduate school at the Manhattan School of Music.

Kendrick, who arrived in New York from Ohio just weeks ago, took his sister Tabitha, who is visiting from Ohio for the weekend.

The significance of the anniversary, Nathan Kendrick said, was "impossible to miss." And he said he hoped to head downtown later on to pay tribute.

For now, though, going to Broadway seemed, he said, to be in line with the resilience of New Yorkers.

"They seem to have their own spirit," he said. "I already feel it, too."

9:22 a.m.: A 'special' viewing in Times Square

Jim and Barbara Mady arrived in Times Square at 7:30 a.m., found two chairs in the plaza on Broadway right in front of a large screen streaming a feed from CNN.

The South Carolina residents wanted to be with others, they said, but didn't want to take spots at Ground Zero that should go to police, firemen and others. So they chose Times Square instead.

There, American flags covered some of the video billboards, while others remained blaring with advertisements.

Jim Mady grew up in Forest Hills and still has family in the area. Two years ago, he booked reservations to be back on the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

"This is my place, my people," Jim Mady, 64, said. "We've been here for other anniversaries but today has turned out to be much more special."

Mady's voice caught as he looked around at a quiet Times Square.

"We need to honor these people, who just went to work. And those who went in to help."

Said Barbara Mady, 60: "I think it's very important that everyone remembers." Mady's four children asked the couple not to come to New York, fearing for their safety.

"Right now, this is the safest place in the country," Jim Mady said.

He looked up at the screen as the ceremony began just a few miles away.

Behind him, a car honked and someone started to set up the half-price ticket line for the Broadway matinees showing later in the afternoon.

Then, as those on the large screen marked the moment when the first plane hit, people around Mady fell silent. Slowly, Mady stood up -- and bowed his head.


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