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Village of Babylon begins streetlight upgrades to LED lights

A view of the Babylon Village Municipal Hall,

A view of the Babylon Village Municipal Hall, located on 153 West Main Street. Credit: T.C. McCarthy

Streetlights in the Village of Babylon have been getting new LED lights to replace traditional bulbs, following the lead of the Town of Babylon.

The town announced in February that it replaced all the old bulbs in its jurisdiction with LED lights.

The two municipalities recently renewed a long-standing agreement for the town to provide maintenance for the village’s streetlights.

The village will pay the town $12,000 between June 1, 2019, and May 31, 2020, to replace the lights and make repairs, swapping out an old bulb every time one breaks in favor of a money-saving and energy-efficient LED.

Mayor Ralph Scordino estimated there are about 850 such streetlights, and there are an additional 800 or more old-fashioned lamppost streetlights that the village maintains.

The mayor estimated the village on average gets two streetlight-related calls from residents each day.

Having town staff maintain about half the streetlights is a timesaver for the small village, the mayor said.

“If we have to do this, it takes time away from our work that has to get done,” Scordino said. “That helps us having someone like that … that we can repair these without doing it in-house.”

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