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Where do LIers want to see a casino?

The Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant (April 29, 2009)

The Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant (April 29, 2009) Credit: Ed Betz

On the heels of Newsday's report that Suffolk County's roster of Shinnecock Nation casino locations has expanded, users have offered suggestions of areas they think could, and couldn't, handle a casino.

The two new possible spots, Brookhaven Airport and Shoreham's shuttered nuclear plant, join a growing list of Nassau, Suffolk and nearby locations, including (with links to the most recent article referencing the site):

EPCAL site in Calverton
Central Islip Pilgrim State site
Planned Legacy Village in Yaphank
Belmont Park in Elmont
Aqueduct Racetrack
Nassau Coliseum
Parr Meadows in Shirley

If given the choice, sweetnell5 said the "best site" is the former Pilgrim Psychiatric Center. The user pointed out that "you have access to all the highways within a one mile radius."

Ultimate offered Parr Meadows as the best spot. The user wrote, "A [horse racing] simulcast would be awesome, or even relocate an OTB on location."

Some users fear the ramifications of a casino. rc384 pointed out that "Dowling's Brookhaven campus is located at Brookhaven Airport," and asked, "What would happen to Dowling," specifically noting the college's aviation program.

DragonZim, meanwhile, said the Brookhaven Airport wouldn't work because the William Floyd Parkway "absolutely CAN NOT handle the traffic that would be caused by having the casino there."

If a casino were built on Long Island, where would you put it? Or would you rather not have a casino on Long Island at all?

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The now-decommissioned Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant in 2009. (Photo by Ed Betz)

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