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Wyandanch people: Don Sanford

Don Sanford, 55, of Amityville grew up in

Don Sanford, 55, of Amityville grew up in Wyandanch and is growing his business there. (Feb. 15, 2012) Credit: Erin Geismar

Don Sanford
Age: 55
Lives in Amityville

We met Sanford, who grew up in Wyandanch, at the Excellence in Entrepreneurship forum Wednesday at the Wyandanch Senior Nutrition Center. He was taking the course to learn more about growing a business he started, selling natural skin products from Africa.

How long did you live in Wyandanch?
Between Wyandanch and Amityville, my whole life, 50 years.

Why did you decide to stay in the area?
I was in North Carolina for two years, but I came back here. It’s home. I know everybody here, and when you’re starting a business, it’s better for you to know your customers and for them to know you.

Growing up here, what did you appreciate about living in Wyandanch?
The knowledge of the people, being known and respected in the community. I’ve always been good to this community, and it’s been good to me.

How has it changed?
It’s always been the same to me; it’s just Wyandanch.

But it is going though a big redevelopment and revitalization. As that happens, what do you think this community needs to focus on?
More education for the young, for the teenagers. I have young nephews that don’t have jobs or the education to get the jobs. I’ve been to the Babylon Resource Center and I’ve seen classes for young fathers, but there was nothing just for the youth that doesn’t have kids and just needs more education.

How would you define the character of Wyandanch?
Togetherness. They’re ready to grow.

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