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Long IslandTransportation

More tips for Long Island Rail Road customers

Other helpful tips for LIRR customers:

  • Stay informed: The LIRR has created a dedicated website for its summer service,, which has detailed information about trains and other transportation options. Customers can also register there for real-time service alerts that can be sent by email or text, and are customized for specific branches. Information is also available through the LIRR’s free mobile app, LIRR Train Time, and through the railroad’s various social media accounts, including @LIRR on Twitter. Customers can also get LIRR service information over the phone by dialing 511.
  • Plan ahead: The LIRR’s new electronic ticket system, eTix, allows customers to buy their tickets over their phones and avoid long lines at ticket windows or ticket vending machines. The LIRR’s Use TripPlanner function on its new website also lets customers map out the best route to and from their destination using all of the MTAs’ various transportation options. If you are traveling for leisure purposes, definitely avoid the rush hours.
  • Be careful: Spread out across train platforms to avoid crowds, even if it means boarding a different car than you are used to. Carry water in case your trip takes especially long, and the weather is especially hot.

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