Forecasters predict a whiteless Christmas for much of New York — the high at Central Park could hit a record-shattering 72 degrees the day before — but if snow falls this winter, state transportation officials say they’ll be ready.

State-of-the-art tow plows — 62 of them, including two for Long Island’s East End — have been added to New York’s resources for clearing snow from roadways at a faster pace, bringing a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach, state transportation officials said Tuesday, the first day of winter.

The tow plows, which are attached to the back of large dump trucks used for snow removal, allow one operator to clear two lanes at the same time — one with the plow on the front of the truck and another with the one being towed.

“The tow plow can be hydraulically adjusted to swing out to the side of the truck, doubling the plow width,” meaning 24 feet of roadway can be cleared with one pass, officials said in a news release.

Besides being quicker, clearing two travel lanes at once also means less fuel is needed to get the job done, officials said.

Other features include two cameras to allow for better visibility for operators, as well as rear lighting on the tow plows so they will more easily be seen by motorists.

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The new plows are to be positioned around the state, with special emphasis on areas traditionally impacted by harsh conditions.

Among those areas is Long Island’s East End, where two of the plows at a cost of $100,000 each will be stationed, said Eileen Peters, DOT spokeswoman for Long Island. More plows will be deployed to Long Island as needed.

Funding comes from the NY Responds initiative, which earlier this year got a $50 million allotment for winter storm equipment.

“The addition of these tow plows will mean a safer New York State for motorists who are out and about during the winter weather,” said Matthew J. Driscoll, DOT commissioner.