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Good Afternoon
Long Island

Travelers good-natured about increased airport security

Lance Stewart, 33

Of Brooklyn, returned Sunday from a business trip to Jamaica

Prior to one hour of landing, you can't move, you're not allowed to get up. I think that it was annoying. It can prove to be a hassle, but generally, it's a protection to everybody."


Ceara Treacy

Traveled on an

Aer Lingus flight from Dublin with her two sons

We were to fly at 10:20 a.m. and were still in line at 10:45. I can see why it's needed, but there doesn't seem to be much organization."


Marta Jimenez, 49

Of Atlantic City, arrived at Kennedy Airport after visiting parents in Havana (through translator)

I don't have a problem with it as long as they give us advanced notice. I really didn't get any nerves because they checked us well in Cuba."


David Wright, 37

Of Calverton

My son was the only one flying, but I am very upset over all of these restrictions . . . I hate terrorist acts, and all of these precautions are necessary, but at the same time you don't want to see anyone getting their freedom taken away."

Tom Henkel, 49

Of Deer Park, traveled from Tampa, Fla.

I did notice that things were moving a little bit slower, but the more security the better. I do feel like it is overkill but because of the actions of the few, many have to suffer. Regardless, it's not going to kill you to stay still for an hour."


David Hunt, 54 Of Wading River, traveling from Houston

Going through security wasn't that bad. It is very frustrating and aggravating that we have to go through this all because someone put explosives in their underwear, but I feel safe. I don't think about how dangerous and frightening flying may be."


Adam Schappaugh, 31

Of Houston

My wife wanted to use the restroom within the last 40 minutes, but the flight attendant told her that she didn't have the authority to allow her to leave her seat. We didn't think anything of it . . . Everything went smoothly with security, but they were a lot more thorough.'

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