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How much do you really know about superstorm Sandy?

Water from Moriches Bay floods South Ocean Avenue

Water from Moriches Bay floods South Ocean Avenue and Inlet View Road in Center Moriches as superstorm Sandy approaches on Oct. 29, 2012. (Credit: John Roca)

If you were on Long Island five years ago, you may well remember a storm named Sandy, one that was so devastating that “Sandy” was retired from the list of tropical cyclone names that gets rotated every six years.

Here are some questions to help you recall or learn some details about the storm.


What’s one of the places Sandy made landfall before hitting into the New Jersey coast?


Sandy's track brought it:


What remarkable feature of the storm was forecast by one computer model days before other models came on board?


When Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, it was a:


The most damage and highest number of deaths in the New York/New Jersey area resulted from the storm's:


What weather element was NOT delivered by Sandy to the Long Island area?


Sandy at one point had increased greatly in dimension, covering an area roughly the size of:


What factors led to even worse surge/flooding along Long Island's coast?


What impact was NOT felt on Long Island as a result of Sandy?


What Long Island location or entity had no reports of impacts from Sandy?


How long has it taken for Long Island communities to recover?


What name was never bestowed on Sandy by the National Hurricane Center?


Sandy's nickname of Frankenstorm came about because:


What kind of weather event hit Long Island the week after Sandy?

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