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Good Afternoon
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Most of will only be available to

Most of will only be available to subscribers of Optimum Online, Newsday or those who pay $5 a week. Credit:

Dear Reader,

Starting next Wednesday, your Newsday subscription will be even more valuable. Beginning Oct. 28, we will provide as an exclusive benefit for Newsday home delivery and Optimum Online customers at no additional charge.

Approximately 75 percent of Long Island households are already Newsday home delivery and / or Optimum Online customers and will enjoy unlimited access to, as will all of Cablevision’s Optimum Online customers throughout the New York area, which total 2.5 million households. This exciting change with is only possible because of our being a part of the Cablevision family, and is an important reflection of our continuing efforts to provide exclusive benefits, more value and better services for our customers.

Over the past few months, you may have noticed that began a transformation to become a more dynamic multimedia resource. We will continue to add features designed to provide you a more useful, personalized experience that makes an even greater resource for you to get the information you want and need at anytime.

If you haven’t yet seen the new, better-than-ever, we hope you will visit soon.


Terry Jimenez


Here's how it will work:

We are beginning the online registration process today, which will allow you to take immediate advantage of many new features at

On Oct. 28, when the transition is complete, if you are an Optimum Online customer, you will have seamless and automatic access to when using your Optimum Online connection. However, to access the site when you are away from home, Optimum Online customers will need to complete the simple, one-time registration.

For Newsday home delivery subscribers who are not also Optimum Online subscribers, you will be prompted to complete the same registration, enabling you to access

If you are not yet a Newsday home delivery or Optimum Online customer, you can sign up for either service, or you can enjoy unlimited access to for $5 per week, which amounts to an approximately $20 a month value.

Everyone will have access to limited content on, including the homepage, classified listings, weather, movies, stocks, obituaries, school closings and community programs.

Check out some of’s new features:

* “News Near You,” a ZIP-code-driven news feature that helps you get information specific to your hometown
* “My News,” a customizable Web page you create to scan up-to-the-minute news on the topics, teams and themes you care about most
* Content-specific newsletters and alerts delivered from via e-mail or SMS / text to your mobile device, giving you the information you want in the format you choose
* Detailed search options on for finding just the right event, restaurant or venue based on price, genre, ambience and more
* A state-of-the-art, high definition player for viewing a broad assortment of sports, entertainment, local news and other videos

If you have any questions about accessing the site, we’ve set up a special help line for you to call: 877-LI LIVEIT (877-545-4834), or e-mail us at

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