Alleged serial killer Lucius Crawford has been indicted in connection with the slayings of two women, including a 1993 Yonkers case.

Crawford, 60, was indicted Wednesday on two counts of murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, the Westchester County district attorney's office said. He's scheduled to be arraigned Monday.

The indictments relate to the 1993 Yonkers killing of Learonda Shealy, 23, and the December slaying of Tanya Simmons, 41, in Crawford's Beekman Avenue apartment in Mount Vernon.

In December, he was indicted in the slaying of Nelia West, 38, whose body was found in the Bronx in 1993.

Authorities have said that Crawford has admitted to the slayings of West and Shealy. Crawford told police he killed West in Yonkers and dumped her body just over the city line in Riverdale, a law enforcement source told Newsday in December.

Angelo MacDonald, Crawford's attorney, has said that doctors' findings that Crawford has an IQ of 64 throw into question whether he knew what he was doing when he spoke to Yonkers, Mount Vernon and New York City police about the three slayings.

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MacDonald said Thursday that he has not yet seen the new indictments.


Crawford's criminal history dates back to 1973, when he was convicted of slashing four women in Charleston, S.C.

In April 1977, less than a year after he was released from prison, Crawford went on another knifing spree in Charleston, stabbing at least four women in five days. In June 1977, he was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

In 1991, after serving 14 years, he was released from prison. He migrated north and later that year was charged in White Plains with punching an ex-girlfriend. He served about six months in Westchester County Jail and was released in December 1991.

Three years later, he was charged with trying to murder a female Yonkers co-worker whom he stabbed about a dozen times. In March 1995, he was sentenced to 10-20 years in prison.

In February 2008, Crawford was released from Sing Sing prison and was to remain on parole until May 2014.

He spent about 28 years in prison.

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Tim O'Connor contributed to this report.