Disney's "Maleficent" hits theaters at the end of the month, but first comes the merchandise (think fashionable goods for the bad girl).

The film, starring Angelina Jolie, looks at the Sleeping Beauty saga from the witch's point of view. Among the notable stylish "Maleficent" goods starting to hit the market: Stella McCartney kids clothes, Italian-made scarves and a huge collection from a number of HSN's top designers. Then there's the jewelry collaboration from U.K.-based Crow's Nest with prices as high as Her Winged Wickedness' prosthetically enhanced cheekbones.

Some highlights:

Daniel Belevitch, creative director of U.K.-based Crow's Nest, mined the movie's dark motifs -- think feathers, fire, thorns, horns and dragons -- to create a high-end seven-piece jewelry collection that includes a dangerous-looking cuff that evokes the shape of Maleficent's horns rendered in black rhodium and set with a pear-shaped onyx ($5,720), and a breathtaking rose gold full-finger-length ring encrusted with sparks of yellow and red sapphires ($20,880).

Luxury Italian scarf maker Faliero Sarti has created two modal and cashmere scarves in partnership with Disney Consumer Products. A blue one, edged in a thorn border design, depicts the dangerous Maleficent lurking in the foreground of a moonlit nightscape; a black one features an image of the sorceress in the center, framed by a border of stylized thorns, beaked skulls and black birds ($438 each).

If Maleficent decided to stow the horns and dress down for a night on the town, she might well choose to wear one of the pieces created in collaboration with the David Lerner label -- either the black, thigh-length jersey dress with sheer shoulders ($275) or the black, form-fitting, side-zip leggings ($178).

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McCartney, who has partnered on past Disney projects, has designed an eight-piece collection themed around the deadly dame, the standouts of which include an Aurora dress with floral embroidery detail on the sleeves, neck and belt (for the good little girl, $170) and a dress for the mini-Maleficent, complete with an all-over winged-witch foil print and fabric "wings" ($140). The collection will be available at disneystore.com in early May and in Stella McCartney stores at the end of April.

As one might expect, the cosmetics offering pegged to the film is glamour meets Goth, and the 11-piece wing-silhouette-emblazoned MAC collection includes the obligatory standout blood-red shade of lipstick (True Love's Kiss, $16.50) and a trio of nail lacquers with names like Uninvited, Flaming Rose and Nocturnelle (nude, red and black respectively, $17.50 each).

A number of HSN's top designers have contributed to the "Maleficent" collection, among them Naeem Khan, Josie Natori, Giuliana Rancic, and R.J. Graziano, already available at HSN.com (with a live TV selling event scheduled for May 27-30). Standouts include a stunning beaded Khan jacket, a great leather dress from Rancic, even a line of hair tools in case you want to create the evil queen's wicked look.