In the end, it was Martha Stewart who helped North Carolina authorities nab a Bedford Hills man wanted for allegedly passing roughly $30,000 worth of bad checks.

Michael Comisac, 42, who operated a nursery in the hamlet, purchased shrubbery from a dealer in Yancey County, N.C., earlier in the summer, Lt. John Robinson of the Yancey County sheriff's office said. But authorities were alerted when the checks failed to clear, touching off an investigation, Robinson said.

A probe produced Comisac's name and his Bedford Hills residency, but not his business, leading Robinson to Google his name. Soon enough, he came across an obscure blog post written on Stewart's site,, that praised the arborist.

"Comisac [Nursery] is the only wholesale yard in the area that sells directly to the public," Stewart wrote in the April 2010 post. "I recently went there and purchased 17 beautiful trees."

Attached to the post was a photo of Comisac with a sign for his business in the background, which led authorities to issue an arrest warrant in late August.

Comisac was arrested by Bedford Hills police on Wednesday and charged with issuing a bad check in the amount of $7,000, as well as a fugitive from justice charge in the state of New York, authorities said.

He was being held in Westchester County Jail as of Friday morning, as prosecutors from the two states are negotiating whether he can pay back the money he owes in lieu of a prison sentence.

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An attorney for Comisac could not be located.