NEW YORK - Mayor Bill de Blasio laid out his plans for the next year during his first-ever State of the City address. 

De Blasio offered a glimpse into his signature goal of fighting the city's widening income inequality gap, using his popular “tale of two cities” speech. 

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He announced that he plans to ask state lawmakers next week for the power to raise the minimum wage, and emphasized the importance of requiring all business owners to provide paid sick leave for their workers. He said he will send a powerful signal that New York honors work. 

The mayor touched upon immigration. He says that municipal ID cards will be available to all city residents this year, even if they are undocumented immigrants, so that no one goes without bank accounts or leases. 

De Blasio also made yet another push for his campaign pledge to raise taxes on the wealthy in order to fund universal pre-kindergarten. 

The speech, one of the most important in de Blasio’s young administration, was delivered in front of a packed house at LaGuardia Community College in Queens.