Classmate: 'God bless you Kathy'

I went to Plainedge High School with Kathy. When we graduated in 1973 she had big plans. I will always remember her as my friend. I was shocked to see her picture in Newsday of people who died on 911. God Bless you Kathy, you were a wonderful girl.

Christine Winters, Massapequa (formerly Christine Cartolano)

Former coworker: 'She was a source of strength'

I just found out last night that Kathy Mazza died on that fateful day. My husband was checking out some 911 articles on the Internet, came across her name, and let me know the news. Then we both wept.

I am a registered nurse, and I worked with Kathy in the operating room at St. Francis Hospital in Port Washington, from 1981-1983. Kathy was a smart, tough nurse, and I was always confident working with her on any surgery case. She was not afraid of anything, and working in the arena of open-heart surgery where the outcome is not always happy, she was a source of strength for many of us.

I had my first child, Emily, in the summer of 1983, and Kathy bought her a bright red riding truck, with a steering wheel and a 'phone' and a horn and bright blue striping. At the time, the truck was about four times the size of Emily. Well, two more children later, my husband and I often thought of Kathy and thanked her in our hearts for that truck, because it was the most used and well loved toy in the house for about eight years!

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We moved to Washington State in 1984, and I knew that Kathy's dream was to work for the police department in the city. I was happy when I heard, several years later that she had realized her dream.

To die a hero, as she did, is not surprising to me, and I am so honored to have known her. I wish her family comfort and I will keep them in my prayers from this day on.

Trish Warfel, Renton, Wash.