MONMOUTH JUNCTION - When the group of Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department employees came forward to claim their share of the August 7 Powerball jackpot, they were quickly thrust on a national stage for all to see. The New Jersey Lottery was the first to tweet out pictures of the new millionaires, affectionately dubbed, Ocean's 16.

Some may find it surprising that Friday afternoon the state lottery issued a lengthy press release highlighting several of the most recent big winners from various lottery games in the Garden State.

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Included in that release, in the second sentence, of the seventh bullet point, on the second page, is the sentence: "The New Jersey winners were the Ocean’s 16 Group from Toms River and Mario Scarnici from Monmouth Junction."

Mr. Scarnici's ticket before taxes is worth roughly $86M as the cash option and was purchased at a Super Stop 'n Shop store in South Brunswick.