Here are some new goodies for expecting moms:

Alert medical personnel to your pregnancy with a rubber Mediband Pregnancy ID bracelet, helpful especially during the first trimester, when not every woman shows. This band features the message "I am Pregnant" in bold, white lettering against a baby blue or pink background. $5.95 at

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Belly Armor is a throw equipped with Radiashield Technology, protecting pregnant mothers and their unborn children from everyday radiation from devices such as cellphones, laptop computers and iPads. $69 at

The hardcover "From Pea to Pumpkin" makes it easy to keep a pregnancy journal; it has "fill-in-the-blank" pages for each week of the journey. From author and illustrator Geralyn Broder Murray, who says, "Before there is a first step, there is a first kick. ... Record how those sweet little feet once practiced for the future." From Sourcebooks, $15.99.