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Hooper, 69, of Hempstead, has represented the district since March 1988,

when she won in a special election. She is also on the Independence line. She

is a former state social worker and executive board member of the Public

Employees Federation. She holds a bachelor's degree from Norfolk State

University (Va.) and a master's from Adelphi University in Garden City.

ISSUES: Hooper's record on education goes back to 1996 when she supported

legislation for a state takeover of Roosevelt schools. In her last term, she

said she helped secure a $14 million rescue of the school district - $8 million

to fill a deficit gap and $6 million for academic improvements. The bill also

extends a current $4 million advance in annual state aid for an additional four

years, to 2015. She serves on committees including education, labor, rules

and ways and means, is the deputy majority leader and runs the chamber in the

absence of the speaker.




Bryant, 41, of Roosevelt, was the Republican party leader of that

neighborhood as of last year. He is also running on the Conservative line. He

has been a volunteer firefighter, fire commissioner and a foreman at the

Hempstead Town highway department.

ISSUES: In previous races, Bryant has said his reason for seeking public

office is a desire to give back and to make sure his community receives a fair

share of services. He also has expressed an interest in bringing more

businesses into the community, especially for young people.



BACKGROUND: Conyers, 57, of Hempstead Village, sits on the village board of

trustees and serves as deputy mayor. He has held those positions since 2005.

He is a retired New York state correctional officer.

ISSUES: Conyers said home foreclosures, failing schools and infrastructure

are among the most pressing problems facing the district. He said as a trustee

he helped to pass a living-wage bill and to steer the village to a $2.4 million

surplus. "We accomplished a lot in the village that we can be proud of," he

said. Conyers added that he would work to attract businesses and create a more

cooperative relationship between the assembly and the village. "We need a

change - it's time to move on and get new ideas."

About the job

Member of the New York State Assembly

Term: 2 years

Salary: $79,500

Duties: Serves in the 150-member larger chamber of the New York State

Legislature, introduces and votes on bills, can override gubernatorial veto

with two-thirds of both houses.

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