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2 boys killed in stunning car crash are believed to be brothers

The 15-year-old driver of a car that crashed into a Fontana home may have been the brother of a 9-year-old passenger in the back seat, authorities said today.

The two boys and an 11-year-old front-seat passenger, who was the driver's friend, died in the Wednesday night accident. All three boys were residents of Fontana, said Officer Joe Ramos of the California Highway Parol.

The two apparent brothers had previously been identified by authorities as 14 and 6 years old.

Ramos said the car is owned by a parent of the underage driver, who was fleeing from a San Bernardino CHP officer at more than 90 mph when he lost control at a dip in the road and crashed into a house.

"Because of the speed and momentum of the vehicle," he said, "it struck the brick wall on the outside of the residence, continued through the brick wall, was airborne [when] it struck the roof line of the residence, came off of the roof line into the front portion of the lawn of the residence and ended up on its wheels."

The driver had been pulled over at 8:55 p.m. on Sierra Avenue near the 210 Freeway for running a red light, according to a CHP statement.

"The officer walked up to the car, and the driver's vehicle sped away," said CHP officer Steven Cuevas. "A pursuit was initiated. It was under two minutes, then the driver lost control."

The five people inside the home at Alder and Shamrock avenues were not hurt.

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