Tiki Barber famously questioned Eli Manning's leadership skills on national TV in 2007, an act that remains a sore point for many Giants fans.

Three years later, he believes the quarterback is among the least of his former team's concerns.

"I love what Eli has become as a player and as someone who takes command of their offense,'' Barber said Thursday.

As for the rest of the team . . . "I wish I could say I wasn't worried, but I am, mainly because I think the offensive line is in a little bit of flux now and it's been their strength for so long,'' he said.

How about the running game? "I'm concerned. I don't think people can point to what went wrong last year other than the injuries.''

Barber also fretted about the state of the defensive secondary.

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Finally, he said, "I feel like they're a team that's a couple of injuries away from being very bad. If that happens, it's not going to be pretty.''

Regarding his relationship with the organization, Barber said, "I think there's a misperception it's extremely adversarial, and it's not, at least as far as the players are concerned and the coaching staff, with one exception.''

Barber didn't say whom he meant. But he meant coach Tom Coughlin.