One is an Asian man found dressed as a woman, who possibly worked as a prostitute.

Two are believed to be a mother and her child.

Another is a woman known as "Jane Doe No. 6," whose remains have been linked to a torso found more than a decade ago in Manorville. The fifth victim is a woman linked to partial remains found 15 years ago in Davis Park on Fire Island.

These are the clues that emerged Tuesday about the five unidentified victims of a serial killer -- or killers -- whose remains have been found along the Ocean Parkway on both sides of the Nassau-Suffolk line.

Months after police identified five of the 10 victims, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer held a news conference at police headquarters in Yaphank, releasing sketches of two of the victims, as well as photographs of jewelry and other artifacts discovered during the investigation.

One of those sketches, an artist's rendition based on skeletal characteristics, is that of an Asian male with close-cropped hair who, Dormer said, was discovered in women's clothes.

The man is believed to have been 5-foot-6, in poor dental health, between the ages of 17 and 23, Dormer said. He died at least five years ago, Dormer said, but possibly as long ago as 10 years. He was missing top and bottom molars, as well as a front tooth, Dormer said.

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The child was a female toddler, Dormer said, believed to be between 16 and 32 months old. Her remains were found 250 feet from "Jane Doe No. 6" -- but is not believed to be related to the Jane Doe, Dormer said. However, the toddler is believed to be related to the remains of a woman found seven miles away in Nassau.

Dormer said it is "likely" that woman was the child's mom.

The child was a "non-Caucasian" and was wearing hoop earrings and a rope necklace, Dormer said. The mother wore two bracelets -- one with Xs and Os and stones resembling diamonds, according to police.

The remains of "Jane Doe No. 6" have been linked to a torso discovered in Manorville on Nov. 19, 2000. An artist's rendition of that victim shows a woman with high cheekbones and a prominent jaw, as well as straight shoulder-length hair.

The remains of the fifth unidentified victim have been linked to two legs discovered in a black plastic garbage bag found in the Davis Park section of Fire Island on April 20, 1996.

Dormer called the process "painstaking" and "time-consuming," but said he was hopeful "somebody out there might recognize this and make a phone call." He urged anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS to help police identify the unidentified victims.

With Tania Lopez