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Second notice of claim in Medford murders

A file photo of Viedya Sabrina Quail-Ferguson speaking

A file photo of Viedya Sabrina Quail-Ferguson speaking about her late husband, Raymond Ferguson, at his wake in Farmingdale. (June 22, 2011) Photo Credit: Howard Schnapp

A second notice of claim has been filed against Suffolk County and its police department in connection with the Medford pharmacy murders.

The wife of Raymond Ferguson Jr., 45, the pharmacist slain by David Laffer in June at Haven Drugs, filed a notice of claim this month contending that the county and police department were negligent in failing to remove David Laffer's guns. Laffer killed four people at Haven Drugs on Father's Day.

Viedya Quail Ferguson, 34, is seeking $10 million in damages in connection with Ferguson's death, according to the notice of claim received by the Suffolk county attorney's department on Sept. 14.

Another notice of claim was filed Sept. 16 against the county and police department on behalf of the family of Jaime Taccetta, another victim.

Taccetta's former husband, James Malone, is listed as the presumptive representative of Taccetta's estate and is taking the action on behalf of their two children.

Tuesday, county spokesman Dan Aug said Suffolk County and the police department "will defend their positions vigorously."

The notice alleges several grounds for negligence, including the county and department "failing to physically remove all guns, including the murder weapon" from Laffer after receiving information he was a drug addict and had a gun license issued by the county.

Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer has said that had Laffer been violent, threatening or displayed evidence of illegal drug use when a detective visited the Laffer house Jan. 12, "the detective should have immediately confiscated his guns."

An attorney for Quail Ferguson did not respond to calls for comment Tuesday.

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