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Cablevision removes tree limb from wires in Ronkonkoma

In March 2008, a bunch of trees were cut down at the intersection of Mohican Avenue and Hawkeye Street in Ronkonkoma. A limb of one tree became lodged between the wires that extend over the intersection. If this falls as a car is passing, someone will be very hurt. There is also a bus stop nearby to make matters worse. Suffolk County police have been notified, as well as several utility companies, to no avail.

- John DiClemente, Ronkonkoma

THE lodged limb is now gone from the overhead wires in front of the DiClemente home.

Because DiClemente was unsure which utility company was responsible for the wire with the trapped branch, we contacted LIPA officials to help. A LIPA serviceman determined that the wire belonged to Cablevision. Within 24 hours of our call, Cablevision sent a crew to free the limb.

Long Islanders with concerns regarding Cablevision wires can call the customer service number on their bill or visit and click on "Customer Service."

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