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Clear 31° Good Afternoon


Have you ever heard someone say, "It's going to start raining in 12 minutes" and wonder how they can be so precise? They were probably checking While there are many weather websites you can consult, AccuWeather has a useful app called MinuteCast, which tells you not only the start and stop times of precipitation, but also the type (rain, snow, etc.) and intensity for your location, minute-by-minute, for the next two hours.

AccuWeather also provides more traditional hourly, daily, weekly, weekend and monthly forecasts. The latter displays current conditions as well as weather records going back through 2014, and temperature and precipitation predictions six weeks into the future. Planning an event in 2016 and don't know what to expect? You can pick any day of the year and AccuWeather will tell you what the historical high and low temperatures are for that date.

Other features include radar, satellite, forecast and severe weather maps; hurricane and climate reports; photographs and videos; and a customizable toolbar that will advise you if weather conditions are favorable (or not) for lawn mowing, driving, allergies, travel, sports or even your hair (advisories for hair frizz).

Traveling internationally? Click the World tab or just type in the name of your destination to check on the weather there.

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DESCRIPTION Worldwide weather forecasts and maps.


BOTTOM LINE Weather by the minute, here there and everywhere.

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