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Ducks' game host is pitchman finalist

Call RIGHT NOW! if you want to be an infomercial star. That's what the Long Island Ducks' game-day host did when he heard about the audition. Now Paul DeGrocco may get his shot.

"I was made for this . . . selling is what I do," says DeGrocco, 26, of Babylon, who Ducks fans know and love as the guy who will do just about anything to entertain them between innings.

Telebrands, one of the companies that hired the late infomercial superstar Billy Mays, announced yesterday that DeGrocco is in the running to be its next pitchman. But in order to build the suspense they won't say exactly what is to be pitched until the official announcement next week.

Mays, best known for his OxiClean commercials, was a friend of Telebrands founder and chief executive A.J. Khubani, for whom he pitched Jupiter Jack ("Turn your car into a speakerphone!"), among other products. A top pitchman can earn $20,000 per product, and a 3 percent-to-5 percent cut of the sales, according to

DeGrocco was one of two dozen potential on-air salesmen who auditioned for Telebrands late last month. How'd he get the audition? He says he sent them a video of himself as the Ducks' master of ceremonies, "running around like a maniac in an orange jacket, playing games with fans and giving out prizes."

DeGrocco, also publicist for the Engeman Theater at Northport, chose to pitch BottleTop in his audition - a product that turns a soda can into a reusable drink container."This has been unbelievable," DeGrocco says. "My Facebook friends have doubled . . . I get a lot of Ducks fan support." But if the infomercial gig doesn't pan out? Don't cry for Paul. He's performing in an Off-Broadway interactive revue.

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