Kennedy and LaGuardia airports were reporting weather-related delays of from one to close to five hours Thursday afternoon. Long Island MacArthur Airport reported arrival delays of 15 minutes or less, and longer departure delays to only a few locations.

The Federal Aviation Administration was reporting arriving flights into LaGuardia were being delayed an average of four hours and 41 minutes due to thunderstorms affecting the East Coast, while flights to Kennedy were being delayed an average of just over two hours, the FAA said.

Departures delays of up to two hours, 30 minutes were reported at LaGuardia and of up to an hour, 15 minutes at Kennedy, the FAA said. Other airports in the Northeast, including Boston's Logan International and Philadelphia, also were reporting big delays, the FAA said Thursday.

Officials are advising travelers to contact their air carriers about delays and cancellations.

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Rain and scattered thunderstorms are expected throughout Thursday with rain in the forecast for Friday and Saturday, according to forecasters at the National Weather Service.

With Patricia Kitchen