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Fantasy football tight end rankings

One of the few positions where you can gain an edge over your opponents is tight end. It is tough to overstate the advantage a player like Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) provides when you can slot him in the traditionally low production TE spot and anticipate elite receiver numbers.

While not everyone is quite as monstrous as Gronk, Jimmy Graham (Seahawks), Greg Olsen (Panthers) and Travis Kelce (Chiefs) are also immense talents who will be priorities for their team's passing game. If you miss out on Gronk, don't be afraid to target Graham in the late third or Olsen/Kelce in the fifth or sixth (which is one to two rounds later than their value but often early enough to secure them).

After them, Martellus Bennett (Bears) is a decent consolation prize in the seventh or eighth round. Just beware of the Julius Thomas (Jaguars) trap. While he was amazing with Peyton Manning last year, he's going to miss the first few weeks with a hand injury and will be reliant on quarterback Blake Bortles to maximize his talents.

Once Bennett is gone, I strongly advise waiting on the position. There isn't a huge difference in TE values from there, so aim to maximize depth at other positions. If you do wait, I'd combine a high upside TE like Tyler Eifert (Bengals) with a reliable, undervalued option like Delanie Walker (Titans).

Alex Case is amNY's fantasy football columnist.

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