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Farmingdale State: Graffiti threatens campus

Officials at Farmingdale State College have beefed up university police presence Tuesday after hate-strewn graffiti threatening to "shoot up campus" was found in a men's bathroom in an academic building on campus, police said.

University police chief Marvin Fischer said there was no specific threat made and said it's possible the writing is inspired by songs from a Los Angeles-based rap group.

But, he said "you have to do due diligence . . . and you have to be open-minded" about any potential threat -- and, any potential violence. Especially, Fischer said, in light of the shooting massacre Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

The message, found on a bathroom stall, said, in part: "Ima shoot up campus on Dec 18 2012. Be prepared ---- gonna kill as many of you as possible! -- ---- Killer."

Fischer said the message is similar to one found in April on the building at Newark (N.J.) Memorial High School and attributed to the group OFWGKTA, or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, an alternative hip-hop group from Los Angeles.

According to Urban Dictionary, a pop culture website, the group's image consists of a "green 'goblin' ski mask, blacked-out eyes, the upside down cross, skateboarding, the excessive use of the word Swag, and sometimes sporting 'tacky' gold chains." The group says its music is "mostly fiction and comedic" and that it first gained mainstream attention through a video posted by Kanye West, according to Urban Dictionary.

Fischer said university police have been in contact with Suffolk County police, which has made its sector cars aware of the situation.

So far, though, police have found no credible threat.

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