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Farrah namesakes on LI like the title

She was born in 1976, the height of Farrah Fawcett's fame. Her father admired the TV star and that's how Farrah Bauer-Gagliardi got her name.

As a child, Bauer-Gagliardi, now 32 and running a Pilates studio in Babylon, disliked her name because it was too unusual. "I wanted to be Jennifer like everyone else," she said.

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Born about a year later, Farrah DeLuca grew up in Cedarhurst also wanting a more common name. DeLuca, now 31 and an emergency medical technician living in Hewlett, was told her mother planned to name her Tara, inspired by "Gone with the Wind."

But the famous Farrah Fawcett poster - even her brother had one - led DeLuca's parents to change their minds.

"I used to love watching everything she did," DeLuca said. "I always thought she had a very beautiful side to her."

But there was also a "ditsy" side people saw in the star, DeLuca said, pondering whether they have any similarities. "Let's see, I'm blonde, I'm a drama queen, maybe," she said. "I definitely have my moments."

DeLuca and Bauer-Gagliardi grew to appreciate their name, which means "joy" in Farsi. Farrah Fawcett was once quoted as saying her mother chose the name because she wanted something that would "go nicely with Fawcett."

"As I got older, I learned more about her," Bauer-Gagliardi said. "It's nice to be named after somebody your parents admired."

DeLuca and Bauer-Gagliardi don't know each other and say they've only met a few other Farrahs in their lives.

"The only problem now is over the phone, they always call me Sarah," Bauer-Gagliardi said.

- Click here to see photos of Farrah Fawcett through the years


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