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Fred Merkle's revenge bites the Cubs again in postseason

There are almost as many theories behind the Cubs' 107-year world championship drought as there are years in that drought. But the Mets' sweep in the NLCS lent credence to one long-suspected curse as the culprit:

Fred Merkle's revenge.

He is the then-19-year-old New York Giant who on Sept. 23, 1908, cost his team a crucial victory over the Cubs when he did not touch second base on what appeared to be a game-winning single.

The fact he was escaping a celebratory mob at the time did not prevent the Cubs' Johnny Evers from getting his hands on a ball -- not necessarily the game ball -- and touching second base for a forceout.

After a long, complicated controversy, the game eventually stood as a 1-1 tie, forcing an Oct. 8 rematch to decide the pennant at the Polo Grounds. The Cubs won, 5-2.

They went on from there to beat the Tigers in the World Series, and haven't won one since.

The Giants never forgot or forgave what they thought was an unfair ruling. According to the 2007 book, "Crazy '08," Giants manager John McGraw forever insisted he had won 11 pennants, not 10. And Giants owner John Brush gave his players championship medals despite the fact they did not win a championship.

Oh, sorry. What does this have to do with the 2015 NLCS again? This: Since that pennant New York baseball fans believed the Cubs stole from them, the Cubbies are 0-12 in postseason games against New York teams: 0-4 against the Yankees in the 1932 World Series, 0-4 against the Yankees in the 1938 World Series and now 0-4 against the Mets in the 2015 NLCS.

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