Gay rights groups and anti-violence activists gathered Tuesday outside 1 Police Plaza to condemn NYPD officers they said wrongly arrested three men in Brooklyn last week because they were gay, saying it was indicative of the force's "homophobia."

Josh Williams, 26, alleges that he and two friends, Ben Collins and Antonio Maenza, were called anti-gay slurs and assaulted after a police officer accused Williams of urinating on a Dumpster.

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Williams was wrestled to the ground as the men and officers shouted profanities at each other, as seen in a video one of the men recorded of the altercation.

"We did absolutely nothing wrong. What was done to us was wrong," Williams said Tuesday.

The NYPD said the officers saw Williams urinate on a Dumpster in the 79th Precinct's parking lot, and that Williams was "combative and uncooperative."