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21 Day Fix Extreme helps Selden woman lose 70 pounds

Lindsay Madrigal is pictured at a birthday party

Lindsay Madrigal is pictured at a birthday party in August 2013 when she weighed about 225 pounds, and in a more recent photo, showing off her 70-pound weight loss. Credit: Maria Mirabile; Chris Ware

Lindsay Madrigal

33, Selden

Occupation: Medical receptionist, fitness coach

Height: 5-foot-7

Before: 225 pounds, August 2013

After: 155 pounds, May 2016


Lindsay Madrigal says she was a “skinny mini” while young. Being athletic and playing sports kept her in shape. But bad eating habits during college and an active social life led to the start of a weight problem. She married and started teaching, but a severe depression and panic attacks nearly immobilized her in her late 20s. Diet and exercise weren’t a priority, and she used food for comfort. “That was my escape,” says Madrigal.

She emerged from the depression after two years, about the same time she and her girlfriends were turning 30. Madrigal couldn’t believe how heavy she looked in birthday party photos. “I was all dolled up and feeling happy but didn’t recognize myself.”

Determined to not spend her 30s overweight, Madrigal worked hard counting calories and exercising. Over a year, she lost 30 pounds, but plateaued and gained the weight back. With a now-or-never attitude, she started again, this time with the aid of 21 Day Fix Extreme, a program of fitness, eating plans and protein shakes.

“I told myself I was going to follow this program to a T,” says Madrigal. She lost 10 pounds and 10 inches in 21 days and stayed with the program. “It took me right to my goal weight. I went from a size 16 to size 4, which says a lot about changing muscle tone. . . . It’s about toning and building muscle. Transforming your body isn’t always reflected on the scale, but it is in the mirror,” Madrigal said.


Breakfast is usually a homemade egg-vegetable-cheese muffin and whole grain toast. Lunch can be a grilled meat, usually chicken with a vegetable or salad on the side and some brown rice. Dinner is similar — a lean meat, chicken or fish and vegetables and a big salad. Sometimes she adds a healthy carbohydrate. She snacks on a Shakeology protein shake.


Madrigal does a daily 30-minute exercise program of cardio, weight-training and yoga.


“Ultimately you have to decide that your desire to change your life is greater than your desire to stay the same. Commit 100 per cent. If you fall, get back up. Keep moving forward.”