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60,000-plus Tylenol bottles recalled

Johnson & Johnson said it is recalling more than 60,000 bottles of Tylenol Extra Strength caplets because of a musty odor that has led the company to withdraw dozens of other products since last year.

The voluntary recall was prompted by "a small number of odor reports," New Brunswick, N.J.-based J&J's McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit said Wednesday in a statement. While the risk of serious medical problems is remote, the odor has been linked to a chemical that can cause "temporary and non-serious gastrointestinal symptoms," the company said.

J&J has pulled millions of packages of over-the-counter drugs since last year because of the chemical known as 2,4,6 tribromoanisole, used to treat wooden storage pallets.

The 60,912 bottles of Tylenol recalled Wednesday were manufactured in February 2009, J&J said in the statement.

-- Bloomberg News