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A pinterest guide to running

A pinterest guide to running.

A pinterest guide to running. Credit: iStock

After searching across Pinterest, here are my votes for the top boards that every runner should be sure to include in their own fitspiration!

1. Running Diva Mom
If there is one thing that every runner, future or current, needs to get them over that initial hurdle, it’s motivation. Luckily, there’s a wealth of inspiration constantly shared on Pinterest by marathoners and joggers alike.


Sometimes, you have to see it to believe it and these pins put into perspective just how big a small accomplishment can be.

2. Running is my life ? by Maddie Phillips

Every runner needs some cool gear to work out in. If you can look great while breaking a sweat then why not? Get some ideas from the board below about how you can spice up your running wardrobe while having the coolest gear to guide you along your way.

Here’s the perfect example of how you can coordinate your running gear to tailor to the weather. Layering is the ultimate way to stay warm when running outside in the cold.

3. Fit Foods and Protein Shakes Holly Armstrong

What you eat can really impact your run or any workout for that matter. This board is all about what food will be most beneficial to you before you hit the trail. Not to mention, there are so many different recipes you can try out to get some variety into your diet. 


If you’re a shake and sandwich fiend like me, there are a ton of different recipes you can experiment with such as these. To the left is a peanut butter lover protein shake and the right image is 9 out 29 different healthy sandwich ideas you can concoct. 

4. Running Music by RockMyRun

What’s a good run without some good jams? Music is such a great motivator to keep you going strong through a long merciless run so check out this board that provides some great playlist ideas for all different genres.


5. Running Tips by ChiRunning

You always want to make sure you are executing the best practices in the way you run. Whether you are looking to being a faster runner, or more efficient runner, this board provides tips that can help you along the way. 

Just like this pin depicts, keeping a mental checklist to make sure you are following proper running technique is important. You can reduce your injury risk as well as get more out of your run.

There are so many different aspects of running to keep in mind and if you do have a passion to run, take the time to maybe make your own board and pin your favorite habits, workout snacks, your greatest motivations, your ultimate playlists, etc. It’s certainly not easy to get started, but find your outlet to share your progress by making your own Pinterest guide.