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A Pinterest guide to veganism

So if you’re still wondering what vegan life is all about, maybe this guide will help you get a better look at just how innovative veganism is as a lifestyle. Check out my top 10 vegan boards on Pinterest that highlight anything from food to fashion.

1. Imagine a world of endless vegan recipes...or at least a Pinterest board.

Your Best Vegan Food. by Vegan Tasmania

When I said vegan alternatives added some spice, I wasn’t kidding! Here’s a pin on how to make taco-flavored lentils that work oh so perfectly with some delicious vegan tacos or burritos.

2. What’s a vegan without their sweet tooth? Check out some fun delicious vegan desserts to try out.

Sweets for Vegans by VeggieBoards

Your eyes do not deceive you. Those are indeed donuts--vegan lime donuts to be precise. Check out this pin to get the recipe for this tasty sweet.

3. So, what is seitan? It essentially is a type of wheat that has a very similar texture and consistency to meat. It’s high in protein and a popular substitute for vegans.

Vegan Meat Alternative Recipes (mainly seitan) by Shari W

Cure your meat craving with this pin on how to make seitan hot dogs with homemade Sauerkraut.

4. It seems like everyone is swooning over smoothie drinks and shakes, so luckily for vegans, there are some awesome recipes out there to try out and add more variety to the typical vegan diet.

Vegan Smoothies & Juice Drinks by Dawn McCaslin

Sit back and relax and treat yourself with this easy-to-make wild blueberry shake.

5. Believe it or not, there’s some big names in the Vegan World! Maybe your favorite celebrity has embraced the life of vegan fame and fortune.

Famous Vegans by The Spiritual Vegan

That’s right. The rough and tough, Mike Tyson himself is now a full fledged vegan.

6. This board is all about the quick-fix vegan meals and also gives some great insight on what brands and products to look out for when you’re at the store exploring your vegan options.

Vegan Products I Buy by Nancy Boisselle Stein

Lightlife and gardein are two very popular vegan food brands that provide some quick and easy meals that are pre-prepared, such as these two meatless meal options.

7. If you’re a makeup fiend looking for some eco-alternative products, there are some excellent cosmetic brands you can try out that are perfect for vegans.

Lifestyle: Eco/Cruelty-free/Organic/Vegan Cosmetics by Rocka Bella

ZuZu Luxe is a cosmetic line that uses all natural ingredients to create their makeup, and as well as being marked as a vegan product, it is also gluten-free!

8. Ladies, if you love pretty dresses, check out this fabulous assortment of trendy vegan fashion.

All the Pretty Dresses: Vegan Style, Vegan Fashion by Cleo Robertson

This 1930’s inspired, violet and black sheer lace gown definitely gives veganism a touch of vintage class.

9. If you’re walking down the vegan aisle anytime soon, check out this board for some really trendy wedding fashion!

Here Comes The Vegan Bride by Melanie Pyves

This beautiful Gabrielle wedding gown is made from organic cotton.

10. One pinner got very hands-on and wrote his own vegan songs. This is what you call “creative vegan-spiration”.

My Vegan Songs by Vegan Smythe

He goes by Vegan Smythe, ladies and gentlemen and he’s got some vegan songs to sing to you.