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A true snack portion should be 150 to 200 calories

What many people consider a "snack" - an energy bar, part of a bag of chips, or side order at a fast-food restaurant - might just have 400 calories or more.

A true snack, says Melanie Douglass, a registered dietitian based in Salt Lake City, is about 150 to 200 calories.

Here are several of Douglass' healthful suggestions:

  • A cup of high-fiber cereal and a small handful of pumpkin seeds
  • One ounce of nuts, which is about 24 almonds or 15 walnuts
  • One cup of bran flakes with half a cup of chocolate milk
  • One handful of red grapes
  • Whole-wheat toast with a bit of peanut butter
  • One stick of string cheese with a piece of fruit
  • One whole-wheat tortilla with a few spoonfuls of canned black beans
  • One serving of Greek yogurt (thicker and richer than the regular stuff) with a handful of berries
  • Any fruit or vegetable

  • For more protein, also eat a serving of nuts, sliced turkey, or a low-fat yogurt with less than 20 grams of sugar in an 8-ounce serving.

    - U.S. News & World Report