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Book nook: 'Biggest Loser Boot Camp'

THE BIGGEST LOSER BOOT CAMP: The 8-week, get-real,

THE BIGGEST LOSER BOOT CAMP: The 8-week, get-real, get-results weight-loss program, by the Experts and Trainers of The Biggest Loser. Oxmoor House, 327 pp., $21.95. Credit: Oxmoor House

THE BIGGEST LOSER BOOT CAMP: The 8-week, Get-real, Get-results Weight-loss Program, by the experts and trainers of "The Biggest Loser." Oxmoor House, 327 pp., $21.95.

New Year's Eve is already a memory, and your resolutions are coming home to roost, so you might be looking for a little help. Fans of NBC's longtime show "The Biggest Loser" will recognize the three immensely buff fitness experts on the cover -- newer trainers Jennifer Widerstrom and Jessie Pavelka flanking veteran Dolvett Quince. Their "can-do attitudes and tough-love approach can take you from couch potato to gym junkie," the introduction says. You'll eat "real food," do "real work" and be challenged by "real accountability." The payoff? "Real results."

THE SCOOP Every day has suggested meal plans and many recipes ("chicken gyro lettuce wraps"), including desserts ("s'more stuffed banana, with mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows"). Much of the book consists of photos of Quince demonstrating workout moves. But being able to watch a video of the exercises would have been useful. (What is "quick feet"? Or "skater jumps"? It's a bit hard to tell from a photo.) There's an online "Bootcamp," but it costs $99.

THE BOTTOM LINE There are daily tips, a "Morning Motivation" and "Nutrition Bite," as well as stories of successful "Losers." And there's a "Coaches' Corner" for that rah-rah effect.