COOK WITHOUT A BOOK: Meatless Meals -- Recipes and Techniques for Part-Time and Full-Time Vegetarians, by Pam Anderson. Rodale Books, 276 pp., $32.50.

Before you gasp -- no, it's not that Pam Anderson -- the Connecticut-based author is a Julia Child Award-winning cookbook writer, AARP food columnist and more.

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She's encouraging meat eaters to become part-time vegetarians, not only for health reasons, but to save money so they can afford better meat -- organic meat not raised on factory farms -- when they do eat meat.

Confused about a title that says you don't need a book? Anderson writes that by using her "master formulas," you can learn how to take ingredients in your "decently stocked pantry . . . and start cooking by heart" rather than scrambling for recipes.

THE SCOOP From "Classic Salads Made Meatless" to "Skillet Stew," you'll find many variations to help keep boredom away.

THE BOTTOM LINE If you master Anderson's "formulas," you could "Cook Without a Book," too. But first, you'll need this book.