DEPRESSION AND YOUR CHILD: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers, by Deborah Serani. Rowman & Littlefield, 221 pp., $32.

The picture of the sad little girl on the cover of Smithtown psychologist Deborah Serani's new book may break your heart. Then, you go inside and learn that research shows even 6-month-old babies can experience depression.

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Pediatric depression specialist and frequently quoted media expert Serani, author of 2011's "Living with Depression," is deeply familiar with the topic -- having lived through a childhood depression of her own.

THE SCOOP This calm, straightforward and detailed book is peppered with case studies and parenting tips, from how to see if there's a problem through treatments. (Beware, she writes, of a therapist who spends " . . . a breezy ten minutes followed by a formal diagnosis!") There's even a chapter on "Self-Harm and Suicide," plus sources and an extensive bibliography.

THE BOTTOM LINE "The important thing is to hold tight to the love you have for your child," Serani writes, "as you come to accept a different set of hopes."