EAT IT TO BEAT IT! Banish Belly Fat -- and Take Back Your Health -- While Eating the Brand-Name Foods You Love, by David Zinczenko. Ballantine Books, 357 pp., $22.

The latest in a bestselling series begun by "Eat This, Not That!" in 2007, "Eat It to Beat It!," by ABC News nutrition/wellness editor David Zinczenko, is a brightly packaged, friendly guide to healthier meals at chain restaurants -- and better choices at the supermarket.

THE SCOOP Say you're at IHOP and decide you'll be good by ordering the

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chicken and spinach salad. Not so fast: Zinczenko tells you that it has 1,560 calories, 112 g of fat and 2,660 mg of sodium (116 percent of the recommended daily allowance for most people -- 177 percent for those with high blood pressure or heart disease). But McDonald's premium Southwest salad with grilled chicken has only 290 calories.

THE BOTTOM LINE "Eat It . . . " is an eye-opener that might help you eat healthier -- especially if chain restaurants are often on your menu.